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Route 31 North in Washington, NJ


Quick info 



21 Genuine Brunswick Billiard Tables

1 Brunswick Wellington Carom Billiard Table

Table Tennis / PING PONG!

English Darts

American Darts (Widdy Board)

Backgammon on Antique Wood Board

Chess in the Burgundy Room

Quoits with Brass Hubs! (Inside or Outside!)

Shoot Hoops on Arcade Style Hoop Fever!

Play Cards on Gorgeous Brunswick Card Table!

Foosball (2 New Tables Added!)

Bumper Pool! (New Table Added!)

Monopoly (Franklin Mint Deluxe Version!)

Scrabble (Franklin Mint Deluxe Version!)

26 Foot Shuffle Board Table with Bowling Pins!

Kids Table Size Bowling with Ten Hand Set Pins!

TouchTunes Internet Jukebox


Each Billiard Table is different, each Light is different - the biggest difficulty is deciding which Brunswick Billiards Table is your favorite!


$6 a person, per hour or

$25 a person, per day - available every day!

Membership Now Available!

$100 a person per month (plus tax)

Includes Unlimited Participation All Month


Open every day of the week 11:00am - 3:00am 

365 Days/Year!




3:00 pm Saturday 8-Ball & Sunday 9-Ball

Double Elimination Tournaments

$20 Fee - $160 to Champion, $80 to 2nd Place

         Based on Field of 16


Rack & Roll Billiard Hall and Museum Breaks all the Rules!


Every Billiard Hall you ever visited elsewhere had the Same Model Commercial Table with a metal edge, The Same Style Light Above Each, The Same Color Felt, you were handed Balls and you were Assigned to Shoot on a certain Table.


Here at RACK & ROLL BILLIARDS, Every Pool Table is a Different Model Brunswick, Every Light is Different, the Felt Type is Varied and Felt Colors are Different...When you arrive you sign in on the table by the door, then Choose Whichever Open Table you Want to Shoot On...and You Can Switch to Another Open Table Anytime You Wish! - How radical can we be?


We offer hourly play on our gorgeous 21 Brunswick Billiard Tables for just $6 per hour per person. Choose from Twelve 9-Foot, Seven 8-Foot, or the two incredible 10-Foot Brunswick Madison and Arcade Billiard tables now available in the loft and on the main floor! 


This is POOL PARADISE! Come Join Us Soon to Have Fun, Relax, Socialize, Compete, Laugh, and Hang With Your Friends and Family!


Established as a premier billiards arena for the billiards enthusiast, a recreational site for young adults, and a fun activity for all, Rack & Roll Billiards offers an opportunity to gather and participate in the sport of Billiards, where both Strategy and Execution will be required to Beat your Opponent! These 21 both New and Historic Century Old Brunswick Billiards Tables bring Billiards to the Highest Standard available anywhere in the World - and now just minutes from home!


Within our 8,000 square foot two story building, you can compete on your choice of twelve 9-foot Brunswick tables, seven 8-foot Brunswick tables, or two massive 10-foot Brunswick tables with wooden ball returns.


Of the 21 tables, eleven are Century Old Family Heirloom Pool Tables acquired directly from the Wealthy Family Estates where they resided for decades, available now for competition in museum quality condition! All our Billiards Tables have been professionally leveled and felted, most with Simonis 860 for the ultimate in reliable play. 


We offer a separate room in back containing 4 Billiard Tables for teenagers and groups to gather, shoot pool, and listen to their own music.

We have recently installed a Baldwin Howard Piano for patrons who wish to demonstrate to our guests their incredible piano playing talents, like Peter the Piano Man, who dazzled everyone with his talents one day! (Check out the videos on our Facebook Page! Like Us and Follow Us on Facebook!)

We offer a loft containing 3 Century Old Brunswick Tables, one of which was owned by the original Madman of Advertising, Ron Travisano, who owned the Advertising Agency about which the hit series "Madmen" was written, and on this very table, a Brunswick O.G. Novelty built around 1870, Tom Cruise learned to shoot pool as a teenager in the 1970's in Glen Ridge, NJ! (Absolutely True! Part of our family lived 4 blocks away  and  attended Glen Ridge High School with the Travisano children and Tom Cruise!)

We now have a gorgeous 9-foot Brunswick Wellington No Pockets Carom Table available for play! This is our answer to the numerous requests to offer a true Billiards Table! Come play Carom Billiards today!

We offer a private rental suite containing an 8-foot Brunswick Gibson Billiards Table, which is perfect for private parties! For larger gatherings, including child and adult Birthday Parties, Company Events, and Private Card Games, call us to schedule and reserve the private room with two 8-foot and two 9-foot Brunswick Billiard Tables and/or our gorgeous Private Card Game Room equipped with a genuine Brunswick custom Card Table and eight matching Brunswick Captains Chairs, to host business meetings, special events, tournaments, and corporate team building sessions. We also have created a comfortable outside private area called the PARADISE LOUNGE for smoking cigars, playing quoits and sitting in comfort with your friends! 


We have several new modern Brunswick Billiard Tables available for play, but we also have acquired the most Amazing Collection of Century Old Brunswick Family Heirloom Pool Tables acquired directly from the Wealthy Families who have Owned Them for Decades! We have tightened the rails and covered the tables in Simonis 860 felt in various colors for incredibly perfect and interesting play. Every table has been professionally assembled, leveled, and felted to roll true!  The result is your ability to compete on the finest collection of Billiards tables available anywhere in the world, now close to home on Rt 31 in Washington NJ, just 500 feet north of the intersection with Asbury-Anderson Road!


Your Billiard table choices include:

1)a Brunswick-Balke-Collender Madison 10' x 5' Table (with serpentine wood ball return),


2)a Brunswick-Balke Newport 9' Table (identical to Mark Twain's table in Hartford CT, a one-piece frame with tight corner pockets (containing no shims!), with real Ivory Diamond Sights, leather corner pockets that slope 45 degrees that force you to play smarter, and under the rail chalk holders, built in 1880),


3)a Brunswick OG Novelty 9' Table (acquired directly from Ron Travisano, the actual Madman of Advertising, who owned it for 70 years and on this very table in the 1970's Tom Cruise learned to shoot pool in high school in Glen Ridge, NJ, built in the 1870 with real ivory diamond sights, now updated with new leather pockets and real Gold Flake to dress up the wings!),


4)a Brunswick Jefferson 9' Table (with speed ball return to classic ball box with incredible wood etchings and embellishments with 4 integrated score keepers and a ball rack storage shelf),


5)a Brunswick Harrison 9' Table (acquired directly from Frank H Wheaton III, formerly of Wheaton Glass / Millville NJ, in gorgeous tiger oak with custom ebony inlays, with a wood serpentine ball return, with a matching wall rack that has 4 brass coat hooks and 12 working brass locks),


6)a Brunswick Narragansett 9' Table (with Real Ivory Diamond Sights and leather corner pockets that slope 45 degrees that force you to play smarter - you better treat her softly or she will reject your shot!),


7)a Brunswick Aviator 9' Table (one-piece frame in oak veneer with gorgeous winged brass and leather pockets),


8)a Brunswick Coreno 9' Table (one-piece frame table enhanced with new Brunswick leather pockets and new rails, acquired directly from Bob Jackson of Dulzura, CA - this table came from a saloon in the California Gold Region!),


9)a Brunswick Gibson 8' Table (in mahogany wood with mahogany corners and with a matching wall rack and custom hanging lamp),


10)a Brunswick Orleans 9' Table (acquired directly from Dennis Brooks Sr, of North Salem NY - Brooks Brothers mansion - in mahogany carved and curved wood with a jaw-dropping antique European brass gas chandelier from 1880 converted to electric),

11)a Brunswick Wellington 9' No-Pockets Carom Table for 3 Cushion and other Billiard Games,

12)a Brunswick Mission II 9' Table (Top of the Line Modern Day Brunswick Table with mahogany side rails that completely enclose the playing field for precise play!)

13)a Brunswick Arcade 10' Table (Top of the Line 6 Leg Table from 1918-1924 with Wood Serpentine Ball Return, and 228 Mother of Pearl Inlays, Flaired Out Legs in the Art Deco Style, and with Real Ivory Diamond Sights in Museum Quality Condition - This is an AMAZING FIND and a FAST TEN FOOT TABLE!)

and eight more stunning tables to choose from!

So now is the time to plan your trip to shoot pool at the finest Billiards Hall ever constructed, with the nicest condition tables you have ever played, and the friendliest staff at Rack & Roll Billiards Hall and Museum - 432 Route 31 S, Washington, NJ (for more info contact us at 908-574-2177)

Enter our Weekly 8-Ball Tournament at 3:00pm Saturdays - $20 entry - double elimination - race to 3


Enter our Weekly 9-Ball Tournament at 3:00pm Sundays - $20 entry - double elimination - race to 3



Activities Also Include:






DARTS now available, with both American Darts (Philadelphia Widdy Board) and English Darts now hanging

QUOITS now available, with a new pair of Quoit Boards with Brass Hubs available for play!

PING PONG now available, with a Brand New Dunlop Table Tennis Table available for play!

HOOPS now available, with an Arcade Style Hoop Fever Machine available for play!

CARDS now available, in our Private Card Room - just bring your deck, chips, and friends to compete in tournaments!

BACKGAMMON now available on a Gorgeous Deluxe Antique Wooden Board Set

CHESS available in the Burgundy Room


SHUFFLE BOARD now available on a Regulation 26' Gorgeous Antique Shuffle Board Table!


Enjoy playing Card Games or Board Games of your choice with your friends and family seated at our comfortable Brunswick Custom Card Table and matching eight Brunswick Captains Chairs in our private room!


For PRIVATE PARTIES and CELEBRATIONS, book and reserve exclusive use of our Private Burgundy Suite which contains a gorgeous Brunswick Gibson 8' Billiards Table illuminated by a SOLID BRASS CHANDELIER, the CHESS TABLE and CHAIRS, a spacious LEATHER COUCH, 2 Custom ANTIQUE BILLIARD CHAIRS, a CELL PHONE ATTACHABLE STEREO SYSTEM so that YOU CAN DJ YOUR OWN PARTY, a Custom BILLIARD PUB TABLE, a Gorgeous COFFEE TABLE, and plenty of COMFORTABLY HOT ATMOSPHERE CREATED BY NEON SIGNS!! PARTY CENTRAL WAITING FOR YOU!!

For larger private parties, celebrations, and corporate sales and executive team-building sessions, book and reserve exclusive use of our Back Room, which offers two private 8' and two 9' Brunswick Billiard Tables with access to the Internet Jukebox Sound System so you can CONTROL the MUSIC!

We offer several areas for your gatherings, including:
1)  the First Level Front area is great for large celebrations for up to 100 guests (Catered and Private Open Bar possible)
2) the Back Room with 2 eight-foot and 2 nine-foot Billiard tables is great for private celebrations like Birthdays or Pizza Parties for families and teenagers
3) the Private Poker Room comes complete with a Brunswick Poker Table and eight Brunswick Captains Chairs!
4) the Upstairs Burgundy Room includes a Brunswick Gibson eight-foot Billiard table, and is very popular for small family celebrations and bachelor parties!
5) the Upstairs Loft containing 2 nine-foot and 1 ten-foot Brunswick table (all century old models!) is very elegant and even comes with a convenient oak bar and chairs for guests to enjoy their spirits!
6) the Outside Nature Lounge measures 3200 sq ft completely fenced and private for outside celebrations like Family Reunions, Birthday Parties, Weddings and/or Receptions! We provide comfortable seating with our patio chairs, love seats, and picnic tables, while you can participate in Quoits, Corn Hole, and other activities enjoying the Beautiful Day! Smoking is permitted in this outside area.

Finally, there is something new to do in Beautiful Warren County! Very much worth the trip!  Gather your friends and head on over to Rack & Roll Billiards Hall and Museum, on Route 31 in Washington, NJ, where Rock and Roll is always playing and the TEMPERATURE is RISING! See what the Buzz is all about! This is Pool Paradise at its finest! We are the New Place to Meet and Hang with your Friends and Loved Ones!

TouchTunes Internet Jukebox Now Installed - You DJ the Music You Want To Hear! (We do reserve the right to cancel Head-Banger Music to return to good ol' Rock & Roll :)

Rack & Roll Billiards has an impressive selection of High Quality Vintage Cues available for purchase, including Cues from Palmer, Viking, Joss, Predator, Meucci, Dale Perry, Abe Rich, and McDermott on display for SALE!

Rack & Roll Billiards has a vast selection of genuine Brunswick Billiards Tables for sale. Come in and see available models today! Your purchase includes professional installation using bees wax to seal the seams and all holes in the slate for a perfectly smooth slate surface every time - SUPERIOR RESULTS - we do it RIGHT! 


Rack & Roll Billiards will move, level, and re-cover customer billiards tables - Call for prices including new Simonis 860 or (Teflon-bathed) 860HR felt in your choice of color! 

See the LehighValleyLive Feature Article written by Steve Novak, which appeared on the front page of the Express-Times Jan 23, 2017 issue by clicking the following:

Rack & Roll Billiards now offers an Outside Nature Lounge Area with chairs and tables for your comfort while smoking cigarettes or cigars and playing Quoits or Beer Pong with Cups! 

Rack & Roll Billiards has recently acquired a century old Brunswick Wellington Carom Table (No Pockets!) for your pleasure and competition! Come visit us today to play Carom Billiards!

Our Fun Loving Customers LOVE to SAVE MONEY by bringing their own beverage rather than paying a per drink fee elsewhere. Many customers tell us that they actually save money when they come to Rack & Roll Billiard Hall and Museum because they spend so much less here! The QUALITY of BILLIARD TABLES CANNOT BE BEAT ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! Play is True, the Atmosphere is Lively, Everyone is Friendly, we have a 3,200 sq ft Nature Lounge where customers can Smoke Cigars and Cigarettes while hanging with their Friends, and SOON TO OPEN IS MERMAID ICE CREAM PARLOR MANAGED BY OUR MERMAID MANAGER ALYSON Z!


There's a lot to LOVE at RACK & ROLL BILLIARD HALL and MUSEUM! 

About Rack & Roll Billiards Hall and Museum



432 Route 31 S

Washington, NJ. 07882


Use the left side entrance



Open every day of the week 365 DAYS A YEAR!

11:00am to 3:00am

Friday & Saturday Nights Open 24 Hours a Day (upon request!)




- From the NorthEast take Route 80 West to exit 26 (Budd Lake), 46 West to Hackettstown 7.5 miles to Light, Left on East Ave 6/10 miles to Light, Left on Mountain Ave 4/10 miles, Right on Rt 57 West 7 miles, Slight Left on Asbury-Anderson Rd 4.4 miles, Right on 31 North on Right in 500 feet!

- There is quick access from Rt. 78:

- from the east take exit 17, North on Rt. 31 9 miles, on the right

- from PA and the west take exit 6, Left (East) on Rt. 632 9 miles, then left on 31 North - You Are Here!


- From the West and Pennsylvania on Rt. 80 East into NJ from the Delaware Water Gap, you take exit 4B onto Rt. 46 East 9 miles, (you can stop at Hot Dog Johnny's about a mile before the) turn Right on Rt.31 South 8.6 miles on the left - You Are Here!



$6 per person per hour (each attendee!)


$25 per person per day

(All Day Day-Pass Available Every Day - Just Ask When You Come In!)


Senior Discount:

Discounted rate of $5 per person per hour

for Seniors (over 65)





Rack & Roll Billiards Membership Now Available

Monthly Fee of $100 per person (plus tax) brings

Unlimited Play all month long!

Sign up today!


Call your friends and head on over to Pool Paradise! We offer teens and groups a separate room with 2 eight-foot and 2 nine-foot Brunswick Pool Tables, where you can Control the MUSIC using the Touch Tunes Internet Juke Box now with dedicated speakers in the Back Room! How Cool is That?

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Lessons Available!

Call to schedule a time with your Expert Instructor for just $20 per hour!

(We help you Beat Your Friends - Yea!)





quick info
Location & hours
All About
Head on over to Rack&Roll Billiards
Sink the "Shot of the Night",
Where Friends Gather to have Fun!
Open Every Day 11AM to 3AM NOW!
Welcome to Pool Paradise!
21 Brunswick Billiards Tables
Come See Jackson - He's Undefeated!
Enjoy Family Bonding
Shoot to Win!
Rack & Roll Billiards
Brunswick Wellington Carom
The Place to Compete!
9-foot Brunswick Bradford II w/Shims
Triple Shims So Tight 2 Won't Fit!
Bradford II Lamp
8-foot Brunswick Bradford
Bradford Lamp
8-foot Brunswick Metro
Metro Antique Brass Lamp
8-foot Brunswick Avalon II
Avalon II Lamp
9-foot Six Leg Table with Lamp
Six Leg Table Lamp
9-foot Brunswick Jefferson
Jefferson Lamp
9-foot Brunswick Harrison &Wall Rack
9-foot Brunswick Harrison
Matching Antique Wall Rack &12 Locks
Harrison Tiffany Style Lamp
9-foot Brunswick Narragansett 1890
Narragansett Antique Brass Lamp
9-foot Brunswick Orleans &Chandelier
Orleans 1880 European Gas Chandelier
Orleans 1880 European Gas Chandelier
9-foot Brunswick Aviator
Aviator Brass Lamp w/Venetian Glass
Robert Lyn Nelson Print
Brass Staircase to Burgundy Room
Brass Staircase to Loft
The Last Rack of Atlantis #2 of 250
Shooting Pool is Fun!
Tall Ship Painting (From Paul&Judy)
View to the Loft
Three Century Old Brunswick Tables
9-foot Brunswick O.G. Novelty 1880
O.G. Novelty Triple Dome Brass Lamp
9-foot Brunswick Newport circa 1880
Newport Tiffany Style Lamp
10-foot Brunswick Madison circa 1916
Madison Lamp with Antique Score Keep
Robert Lyn Nelson Print
Entrance to the Burgundy Suite
Private Rental Suite Available
8-foot Brunswick Mohogany Gibson
Good Times with Good Friends!
Late Night Entertainment till 3AM!
Burgundy Room Brass Chandelier
Private Billiards Lessons Available!
Private Room with 4 8-foot Tables
Custom Brunswick Card Table & Chairs
European Mermaid Chandelier
Nautical Chart of Bermuda Shipwrecks
Friends Playing Pool
Girl Shooting Pool
View from the Brass Staircase
Fun with Friends!
Rack 'em Up!
The Proper Stance...
Leads to Success!!
The Gang's All Here!
New Activity: Shoot Hoops!
New Activity: Play Quoits!
Time to Shoot Pool at Rack & Roll !!

Joe Toscano · June 30, 2017

If you love the game of Billiards this is the place to be. An assortment of tables...Vintage and Modern. Great lighting and atmosphere. Dave and his wife Rita are great hosts and knowledgeable of the great game of Billiards. I'm usually there every weekend with my good friend Chuck Wetenhall. BYOB. Late hours on the weekends and the rates are reasonable. It's worth a visit.

Washington After Dark!

Open till 3AM Every Night!

This is AWESOME! Spent several hours there on Saturday evening with fellow billiards-loving friends. Tables were in perfect condition, place was spotless and the owner was very friendly and helpful. Affordable prices and perfect environment to enjoy a few hours of pool! Looking forward to making this place part of my weekly routine.



Great place, the owner is very friendly and is eager to show you around the place and tell you the stories behind his awesome collection of tables!



Great new pool hall! Lots of atmosphere here with 8 tables that are over 100 years old! Dave the owner is super nice. Tables play great .. loving the fast cloth.



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